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Here’s Astha Jain, a Proud Indian teen, who loves literature and wanna change the World’s present condition and the mentality of people about most things!! Being true patriot , I wanna do something for my nation too!! My work are one in the other way somewhat related to me , I write ,maybe because I can feel my conditions , again and again ,adding them all in the column of Memories!! Some of my works also have been published in the newspaper , and won awards too:D !!



Friends forever, Friendship forever; Life forever, Lifestyle forever!! It isn’t the thing you don’t see..; It is the thing you won’t see..!! Friendship doesn’t mean…………….; Whatever ‘Means’ isn’t friendship keen…!! Friendship is the one what we like in others, It isn’t the thing only ‘Looks’ cover; Friends aren’t life…., But they are wipes…….. When we …


कोख से संसार तक बचे बेटी, ससम्मान जियें बेटी, दुनिया में अहम भूमिका निभाने आई, सभी को एक जुट कर, प्यार की परिभाषा बन कर आई!! कोई कहे दुर्भाग्य , तो कोई कहे सौभाग्य.., सोचने समझने का नज़रिया है, पता नहीं कौन सही और कौन अटखेड़ा है!! फ़क्र होता है मुझे कि मैं एक बेटी …