Best Friend

I made a new Friend,

Just like all others…

I talked to her,

Same way I behaved with everyone there!!

But, then I started becoming Protective, getting jealous..

Every time she’s with someone else,

b’cuz I don’t wanna share her with anyone there!!


Soon, I started feeling,

Do I overreact when with her?!!

Might she be thinking I’m too weird !!

Started maintaining a distance,

Talked to her, only when required!!


She said Sorry, again and again and again…

Not knowing what the circumstances were and that I was Vain!!

I wanted to tell her that I do care..

Maybe, my mind underestimated and I couldn’t dare!!


Words became Shorter, Hugs were none……

I started feeling lonely,


With the company of many..

because she was quite busy!!

Cannot find words to explain her..

Why I did that to her….

But she might had perceived, that I wasn’t indulged in any Manoeuvre !!

At first, I just thought ,she’s be my Good Friend..,

But afterwards, I came to know, that she came in my life to be my Best Friend!!



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