welcome 2018

Today is the last day of this year..there’s only some hours distance to reach our Destination i.e., 2018

This year was Great, I got to know so many people, I got to do so many Good things, I got to know so many new things!! I hope that tomorrow’s sunrise will demolish all the bad things and their memories and bring Good..

I hope, the next year will be much much better & bring joy & happiness to everyone’s Life, it take me nearer to my dream to become a better person in Life!! After every 365 days tenure, a new year begins, but this time, it is some what different, something different with a touch of Magic..

I hope, 2018 will bring lots of adventure, with a better understanding and I, be able to help more and more people, making them smile..And do something for the betterment of the society!! I believe I can..I can make something adorn & serve my purpose of Life..

I’ll try my best to become a better writer.., I’ll try to make people believe in themselves & make them love thyselves & their country, their motherland.

I’ll showcase all the good things, people do & make them proud of themselves, by appriciating them & try my best to be altruist!!

And I pledge to do the maximum I can..!!

Wish you all a Very Happy & prosperous New Year..

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